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Kitchen cabinets collectively are focal points in most kitchens, and therefore a lot of time should be put into cabinet design, installation, and upkeep. If you want eye-catching, long-lasting wooden kitchen cabinets that’ll get complemented every time visitors step inside your kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere fine wood cabinets are installed, it’s wise to know these common wood types so you’re adequately prepared when you go to design, purchase, install, or maintain cabinets.

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1. Birch Cabinets

Birch cabinets, with their medium density and smooth surface texture, are ideal for a variety of at-home applications. If you need a wood grain that’s heavy, strong, and tight, birch is the way to go. One can paint, stain, and polish birch cabinets to their liking. Birch cabinets boast a sapwood color that’s white and creamy yellow, and birch cabinets made of heartwood can be medium to dark reddish-brown. Those who’re looking to make a statement with their cabinets purchase birch because it has curly/wavy patterns that other woods don’t. There’s also rustic birch, an alternative to regular birch, and this usually contains pin holes, open knots, minor cracks, peck marks from birds, mineral streaks, and/or variations in grain.

2. Walnut Cabinets

Cabinets made of walnut wood feature fine, smooth, straight wood grains and colors that resemble deep chocolate or light reddish-grey brown. Walnut sapwood cabinets may also feature yellow and light brown. These warm, rich colors are what make walnut a preferred wood, one that can be finished for an extra touch of brilliance. Like most human beings, walnut wood mellows with age, specifically in terms of color. This is something a lot of homeowners are looking forward to when they purchase walnut cabinets.

3. Pecan Cabinets

If you like blonde, white, reddish-brown, or dark brown, then chances are you’ll like pecan wood. This wood’s great, unique colors are presented in both its heartwood and sapwood, so you truly can’t go wrong when you install pecan cabinets. Pecan wood naturally contrasts (in terms of color), and this is a main reason why homeowners install pecan wood kitchen cabinets in their homes. Pecan would can also be used to construct a luxurious bathroom vanity. There’s also rugged pecan wood, and this smooth, extremely strong, close-grained wood boasts a unique flowing grain pattern that some regard as heavy. With rugged pecan, the grain is often straight, though there are wavy, irregular grain pecan woods out there. The wood has a rugged appearance and coarse texture. Characteristics include pinholes, knots, burls, and color streaks.

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