3 Things To Consider When Purchasing Modern Cabinets Online


Purchasing modern kitchen cabinets is a lot like purchasing traditional cabinets, except the former requires a little bit more consideration as modern kitchen cabinets are often constructed to serve a variety of purposes in the rooms/spaces they’re mounted in. Whether you’re looking for new kitchen cabinet designs in Philadelphia or trying to create custom cabinets that’ll work great for a long time without costing an arm and a leg, Kitchensearch.com has got you covered. In the sections below, we answer three common questions we get on cabinetry, and you should consider these answers when you go to purchase cabinets online.

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1. Are rift oak cabinets ideal in kitchens, bathrooms, and garages?

Rift oak, a hardwood, has distinctive linear grain, making it ideal for both vertical and horizontal applications. Rift oak is typically beige and/or creamy tan, two colors that help bring out its distinct natural features. The grain and consistency make rift oak a popular choice for homeowners, and it’s great for both traditional and contemporary living applications. It can accommodate door styles, finishes, and surrounding design elements as well. Lastly, it can be finished so that its natural beauty and linear grain are allowed to shine.

2. What are the benefits of purchasing preassembled cabinets online?

Most online cabinet manufacturers can send homeowners pre-assembled cabinets or ready-to-assemble cabinets (RTA). Once out of the box, these cabinets can be installed right on the walls. In most cases, an RTA cabinet installation will take about 10 to 20 minutes. A main appeal of pre-assembled cabinets is that they leave out the guesswork and expertise that’s needed to construct a cabinet. Also, pre-assembled cabinets are more affordable when you consider that you won’t have to spend on a professional cabinet designer.

3. Which popular woods do homeowners and business owners stand by?

Most individuals choose their wooden cabinets according to their color and style preferences. For example, those who want a dark cabinet selection to mesh well with a dark grey granite marble countertop would likely choose walnut or mahogany, as these dark woods can go great with a variety of similarly dark surfaces. Likewise, if you’re somebody who wants light to permeate throughout every space in your kitchen, then south maple or birch may be better. Knotty pine is an ideal option for wood cabinet kitchens, as individuals who really like this authentic wood look often use it in rustic-themed kitchens.

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