An In-Depth Look At The Kitchen Cabinet Installation Process


Installing kitchen cabinets need not be a weeks-long endeavor. With the right tools, procedures, and materials, you can install cabinets with ease. And if you’re looking for solid wood cabinets in Philadelphia, you should shop with us here at Below, our experts answer some of your commonly asked questions! Let’s begin, shall we?

1. How can I find the high point on my floor?

Locating the highest point on the floor is an important step, for every preceding part of your cabinet installation relies on the reference point you make here. Therefore, you must take your time and get things right.

Be aware that kitchen floors, especially those in older homes, are often not perfectly level and flat. It’s best to assume the floor has a high point and then locate it; it’s better to be safe than sorry. Shimming a cabinet so it’s level and plumb is a lot easier than cutting the bottom so it fits square and precisely.

Finding the High Spot Is Easy: Use These Steps

  1. Place a straight, 8-foot, 2″x4″ board on the floor against the wall. Next, place a carpenter’s level on top.
  2. Shim the lower end so it’s level.
  3. Use a pencil or dark marker to indicate a level line on the wall. Next, extend that level line along the walls that will hold the cabinets.
  4. Use a tape measure, and at every couple of feat, find the distance between the floor and the line you just drew on the walls. The shortest measurement you find indicates the highest point of the floor! Mark this high point.

2. What should I do when I first receive preassembled cabinets in the mail?

When you first receive cabinets in the mail, there are some simple steps you should take immediately. Begin by inspecting the preassembled cabinets; check each piece and make sure you have all necessary pieces. Cabinet boxes, shelves, doors, and drawer fronts are some of the common cabinet pieces you can expect. Check for damage from shipping. Extra trim and filler strips must be included in the delivery.

Assemble the cabinets, but don’t attach the cabinet hardware, doors, or drawer fronts yet. If you bought sturdy wooden cabinets from an online seller that specializes in solid wood cabinets in Philadelphia, you’ll want to make sure the products you receive are completely flawless and to your liking before you mount them on your walls.

3. How do things work when I choose to shop with

When you decide to shop with, you’ll see that our process is really quite simple! Submit your measurements, or you can get measurements from $150 deposit required at this point. Visualize your kitchen with our cutting-edge 3D imaging technology, and an expert designer will collaborate with you and work out all the details so you know exactly what you’re purchasing; all of this is absolutely free of charge! Convenient delivery guaranteed. We’ll deliver your cabinets with outmost care and professionalism. Our process is fast and hassle-free!