Countertop Ordering Process

Please read carefully to avoid errors and misunderstandings. Once we receive your request, we’ll contact you right away.


Selecting the slab

We will refer you to the granite fabricators yard where you will be able to select a granite slab of your choice. The selected granite slab will be reserved for you and your counter top will be fabricated out of that slab.

Granite counter tops should never be purchased based on a sample in the showroom or a picture on the website. Its a natural stone therefore, the color variation and texture will vary.



Scheduling a template

We recommend contacting us 3 to 4 days in advance before you will be ready for the template. Our technician will come out on a scheduled day of the template and will measure the space for your future granite counter tops. Please inform the technician of all the details such as, island overhangs, radius corners, sink cutouts, faucet holes count and miter location during that time.

a. Please make sure that all of the cabinets are secured to the walls
b. Make sure all of the cabinets installed are leveled. This will prevent from any granite fractures in the future
c. Your appliances such as Refrigerator, Gas Range, Cook Top must be at the site during the template
d. Your sink must be present at the time of the template. If you have a farm sink, it must be installed and secured onto the cabinet prior to template
e. Your faucet must be present at the time of template



Installation day

Our crew will arrive with the fabricated stone ready to be installed. On average the job will take a few hours to install. Please make sure that the kitchen area is clear of any construction material or tools for a clear access.

a. Please make sure that your dishwasher is in place at the time of the installation. We will secure it after the counter tops are installed.
b. The sink will be mounted to the stone counter top. Please wait 24 hrs before connecting the plumbing to the sink to prevent any movement of the sink.