Everything You Need To Know About Modern Kitchen Cabinets


Interested in learning more about modern cabinet design and installation? Our experts from Kitchensearch.com go in depth to answer some of the questions we’re frequently asked. Get in touch with us today if you need modern kitchen cabinets in Philadelphia. Our award-winning services can make your kitchen remodeling a breeze. Now let’s answer these important questions!

1. When installing modern cabinets, should I rely on DIY skills or professional assistance?

While the answer to this question largely depends on one’s preferences, DIY cabinet installation is considered ideal because it saves money and allows one to feel the sense of accomplishment that comes with installing cabinets independently. When you’re the one who’s installing the cabinets, you’ll pay close attention to the details and requirements that are needed to ensure the installation goes correctly.

Professional help is definitely better for those who have a larger budget; professionals bring skill set and experience to the job. However, one can say that doing a project alone, regardless of skill level, is a surefire way to achieve a better product; of course some baseline skills would be necessary in this instance.

2. Why do so many cabinet purchasers go with walnut wood?

A type of hardwood, walnut wood is one which boasts bold grain and a color variation of creamy-white and dark brown. Because of the color, walnut wood can be used in a variety of settings, from classic to modern and all in between. Modern walnut is considered high-end wood because it’s not usually as readily available as other wood types. It’s true, however, that walnut wood is easier to work with than other woods.

To emphasize walnut’s true beauty, one must use it in their cabinets. The light finish and natural color variations are great for creating a consistent and classic look.

3. What should I do the day my cabinets arrive in the mail?

Begin by inspecting the preassembled cabinets; check each piece and make sure you have all necessary pieces, including cabinet boxes, shelves, doors, and drawer fronts. Check for damage from shipping. Make sure that extra trim and filler strips are included in the delivery. Assemble the cabinets, but don’t attach the cabinet hardware, doors, or drawer fronts before mounting to the wall.

4. What’s so ideal about Candlelight cabinetry?

If you like euro-overlay frames, then you’ll love Candlelight cabinetry. Euro-overlay frames make it seem like the cabinet is frameless, yet they do this in a masterful way that highlights the integrity of the cabinet’s design. And when you choose to purchase Candlelight, you’ll have access to expansive color and style selections. We can customize your Candlelight cabinets so they’re just the way you like. Those looking for modern kitchen cabinets in Philadelphia prefer Candlelight cabinetry!

5. Why are customers continuing to shop with Kitchensearch.com?

Because we are a customer-centric business that’s committed to delivering high-quality results consistently. Get in touch with us now if you need modern kitchen cabinets in Philadelphia! We’d love to discuss your needs and requirements.