Do your kitchen cabinets no longer look like photos on Instagram? Have the colors that were so pleasing to the eye in the past become outdated and dull? Have you gotten bored of seeing the same colors for years every day when you’re reaching for a plate or cup? If your answer is “yes,” it’s about time to refresh your kitchen cabinets. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get a new look. Ready to learn how to paint your kitchen cabinets? Go ahead and read on for more advice from Kitchen Cabinets Philadelphia paint experts. Before you know it, you’ll have a new kitchen design to enjoy and show off to family and friends in no time.

kitchen accessories for saleWhat Works Best: Repaint or Replace Kitchen Cabinets?

Before you start painting, check the condition of your cabinets. Make sure they are in good enough technical state for further use. Watch out for chipped or cracked wood or water damage. This is the warning sign that some parts need replacing. The repainting might not be enough.

If you’re concerned about the tile or counter installers damaging the cabinets, you can always have the cabinets painted after replacing them. As long as your cabinets are in good condition, you are a prime candidate for cabinet repainting.

Kitchen Cabinet Color Considerations:

When you are choosing kitchen cabinet colors, you want to consider the style of your home and the other colors in your kitchen. Is your home traditional or modern?

You may want to go with a darker stain or a creamy white. If your home is more modern, you may want a pop of color.

Think about the color of your walls and trim and whether you want to pick a color that will stand out or blend in. You also need to take into consideration that darker cabinets can make a small space feel smaller, while lighter ones will make it feel bigger.

One of the easiest ways to decide when choosing kitchen cabinet colors is by looking on Instagram. Or hop on Pinterest and search for kitchen cabinets Philadelphia colors according to the style of your home. Create a board to save your favorites to refer back to later. You should start to see a pattern for what you’re drawn to when it comes to colors or stains.

How to Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

Painting kitchen cabinets can be tiring, and you can easily hire a pro to do the job, but if you’re up for the challenge and want to save money, try to do it yourself. Follow the steps we have outlined below to learn the best way to paint your kitchen cabinets.

Prepare the painting area. First things first: Run masking tape along the edges of the cabinets to protect walls and surfaces you don’t want to get paint on. It’ll also help to create a crisp edge. Cover worktops, floors, and appliances with a sheet to catch paint cabinets for sale

Deconstruct cabinets. Use a screwdriver to remove the doors and front parts of drawers, as well as any knobs, hinges, latches, and other parts. Make sure to keep the hardware and cabinets in the same place that is easy to locate for reassembling at the end.

When working with kitchen cabinets Philadelphia, we recommend using a pencil to number the cabinet drawers and doors for easy reassembly.

Clean all the surfaces. Remove any contaminants from cooking or otherwise. Use a couple tablespoons of distilled white vinegar with a gallon of water or a special chemical cleaner.

Sand. In order to make the doors look better, lightly sand them on all sides and faces. By using a wood sanding block, you can avoid rounding over wood edges. It’s not necessary to sand and paint the inside of your cabinets when you repaint them. Mask off the interiors with painter’s tape for a clean finish and sand only the front surfaces and visible edges of the cabinet face frames.

Apply the first coat. To maintain the cabinet’s appearance, apply a coat of primer-sealer to all of the cabinet’s doors and siding. This will ensure the paint bonds well to the wood. It is a good idea to sand between coats of primer as well as between coats of paint.

If necessary, you can apply a second coat of primer.

Start painting. After painting the inner edges and openings of the face frames, paint the sides of the outer cabinet and then the fronts of the face frames. Using this method, you can work quickly in the less critical areas while detecting and correcting drips and smudges on the most visible areas.

Once the cabinet doors and drawer fronts have been painted, as well as any additional wood pieces, begin to assemble the cabinet. Be sure to work the paint into crevices and corners, but don’t allow it to accumulate in these spots.

Finish the painting. As soon as the paint has dried completely, you can start reattaching the doors and reinstalling the drawers. Then, use a screwdriver to reconnect everything. This should be simple if you organized the hardware when first removing it.

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