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• All wood construction
• 3/4″ Solid Wood Face Frame
• 1/2″ Plywood Slides
• 3/4” Plywood Shelves


• Solid Wood
• Dovetailed Joints
• Full Extension Undermount Glides
• Soft Close


• Wood Door Frame
• MDF Center Panel
• Soft Close Hinges

*RTA – Ready to Assemble. Also Available Un-Assembled. This cabinet style uses the metal L-bracket interlocking mechanism. Wood glue and a screwdriver are needed for assembly.

• Create custom storage around your washer and dryer
• Design a functioning folding area
• Create a well-functioning mudroom area

• Custom bar designs
• Wine racks
• Glass holders

• Create a central point in the room with storage and counters

• Create a custom vanity design
• Make-up area
• Linen storage

• Entertainment Center

• Utility Sink in Garage
• Storage for items placed in the garage

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About K-White Kitchen Cabinets

The K-White kitchen cabinet series features a beautiful collection that attempts to merge the traditional clean-cut door profile with a versatile color palette. This style will suit any home and spruce up a drab looking area quickly. This is considered a soft door installation and it brings comfort and beauty that you will learn to love. Featuring all wood construction and 3/4 of an inch solid wood face frames, you’ll find the raised panel door style just a perfect expression of a classic kitchen.

It is both welcoming and professional-looking and suits any taste because of the wide range of styles and colors that are available. The K-White cabinet can be purchased ready-to-assemble or one of our staff can assemble it for you. If you want to install them yourself, all you need is a screwdriver and wood glue. Most of our customers find them fairly easy to put together. There’s no need to do it on your own, though when our capable Kitchen Search carpenters are ready and willing to help you assemble them. That way, you know they are done correctly and there are no worries about how something fits. If you are ready to install your kitchen cabinets, call us today.

This quality raises it above the rest of the door styles.

These kitchen cabinets come in a variety of colors and there are many options to choose from. Contact us at 215-253-5800 and we will be glad to help you anytime you’re ready to discuss how to take your kitchen to the next level.

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