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Installing kitchen cabinets can be a rewarding experience, especially if you’re pursuing a DIY kitchen cabinet installation for the first time. While kitchen cabinet installation is one of the easier DIY tasks homeowners can perform nowadays, there are a few important things one must know before they try to install cabinets on their own.

Below, we answer some of the common questions asked about cabinet installation, and you can use the answers to these common questions to help yourself with all your cabinet-installation endeavors. Remember that homeowners who’re looking for white kitchen cabinets in Philadelphia routinely shop with kitchensearch.com, for their wide selection is ideal for both DIY installers and professional carpenters.

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1. Can only professional carpenters install premium kitchen cabinets?

Despite what many believe about cabinet installation being difficult, many DIYers are pursuing independent cabinet installation absent professional help nowadays. The advent of the internet has made kitchen cabinet installation easier for individuals who lack comprehensive carpentry experience; with YouTube and Google, individuals can find simple, user-friendly how-to guides which clearly underscore how cabinets can be installed quickly, effectively, and without breaking the bank. And for shoppers that use Kitchensearch.com, a wide selection which includes a variety of premium kitchen cabinets is available, and such makes a kitchen cabinet self-installation even more rewarding.

2. What will I need if I want to install cabinets on my own?

If you’re going to install cabinets on your own, these are the items you’ll need. (It’s best to get these tools and materials ahead of time as you don’t want to begin the installation process without any of the tools and materials listed below.)

  • A Standard level
  • Pens, pencils, and other useful office supplies
  • Screwdrivers and nut drivers
  • Chalk (or chalk reels)
  • A claw hammer
  • A tape measure
  • A power drill
  • A pry and wrecking bar set
  • A stud finder
  • Composite shims
  • Wood shingles
  • Assembled kitchen cabinets (cabinet boxes, shelves, doors, and drawer fronts)
  • Drywall screws

3. Should I go with preassembled cabinets or custom-made cabinets?

Deciding on preassembled cabinets versus custom-made cabinets is a matter of preference. If you’re somebody who likes custom-made objects, and you don’t mind about paying a little more for these things. then you should go with custom-made kitchen cabinets. And if you’re looking for the best premium custom white kitchen cabinets in Philadelphia, Kitchensearch.com has got you covered. We specialize in custom-made cabinets, and we’ll make sure they go with your decor, adding a fine breath of elegance to the room they’re installed in.

4. Where can I get white kitchen cabinets in Philadelphia for a great price?

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