Why Wood Kitchen Cabinets In Philadelphia Are Preferred Today


Wooden kitchen cabinets—many would say these are a staple in modern homes. For those who wonder how and why wooden cabinets have been able to withstand the test of time, the answer is really quite simple: With there being a variety of customization options available for wooden cabinetry, customers can’t get enough. Homeowners across the world prefer wooden cabinets for a variety of reasons, and in the sections below the experts from Kitchensearch.com are going to be talking more about why would kitchen cabinets are so preferred nowadays.

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1. What are some of the popular wood cabinet options?

While all wood cabinets are appealing, not all wood cabinets are made the same. In fact, the types of wood that can be used to make cabinets differ in a variety of ways. Here are some of the common wooden cabinet types that you’ll find in a wood cabinets kitchen: cherry, ash, hickory, walnut, red oak ,white oak, soft maple, birch, hard maple, alder, poplar, lyptus, mahogany, and knotty pine.

Most individuals choose their wooden cabinets according to their color and style preferences. For example, those who want a dark cabinet selection to mesh well with a dark grey granite marble countertop would likely choose walnut or mahogany, as these dark woods can go great with a variety of similarly dark surfaces. Likewise, if you’re somebody who wants light to permeate throughout every space in your kitchen, then south maple or birch may be better. Knotty pine is an ideal option for wood cabinet kitchens, as individuals who really like this authentic wood look often use it in rustic-themed kitchens.

2. Should I install rift oak in my kitchen and bathrooms?

Rift oak is a popular hardwood, one that has a distinctive linear grain which makes it ideal for both vertical and horizontal applications. Rift oak’s color variation contains beige and creamy tan, two colors that help bring out its distinct natural features. Homeowners prefer rift oak for a variety of at-home applications, and it’s great for both traditional and contemporary living spaces. Rift oak should mainly accommodate door styles, finishes, and surrounding design elements. Lastly, it can be finished so that its natural beauty and linear grain are allowed to shine.

3. Is purchasing wood kitchen cabinets in Philadelphia simple?

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