Exploring Farm Kitchen Sinks, Also Known as Farmhouse Sinks

Exploring Farm Kitchen Sinks

If your dream kitchen would be just as fashionable hundreds of years ago as it is today, a farm kitchen sink should be number one on your list of must-haves. Farm kitchen sinks (also known as farmhouse sinks, and sometimes apron front sinks) are very popular right now, but they actually date way back to the late 1600s. During that era, water wasn’t easily accessible like it is now. We have it easy—just turn on the tap and the water flows through the pipes in our homes.

Our ancestors, however, had to bring water into the house to use. Water was used sparingly and needed to be stored in the home for use. The farm kitchen sinks used at this time were very deep and wide and very helpful for storing water for the household.

The farm sinks of today also have much deeper bowls than the ordinary sink. The bowl protrudes from the countertop and cabinets–thereby giving even more space in the sink. The front edge is easier to clean because there isn’t a gap between the countertop and the sink. Farmhouse sinks are available in a variety of finishes, hues and materials. We will discuss the white porcelain, white fireclay, stainless steel and granite farm sinks.


With the choice of white kitchen cabinets being very popular right now, a white porcelain farmhouse sink can really pull the look together. It can be used in a contemporary kitchen or in a traditional kitchen. White porcelain looks just as beautiful with a traditional countertop and white cabinets as it does with a glistening, gleaming black granite countertop. The white porcelain farm sink, as you might guess, is the most popular traditional look for a farmhouse style kitchen.

White porcelain farm sinks are more affordable than other materials, and are very durable. Sinks with a metal base covered by porcelain offer more strength than just a porcelain base. All porcelain sinks will last many, many years. However, since a metal base offers a bit more strength, it should last a little longer. Many people love the glossy look in a sink, and that is one of the benefits of owning a porcelain kitchen farm sink. There are even porcelain farm sinks on the market today that are scratch resistant. With regular cleaning, your beautiful, glossy white porcelain sink should stay beautiful for years to come.


Fireclay is a material that has been fired at a temperature of around sixteen hundred degrees. It is a fusion of clay and glaze that results in a very durable, hard ceramic material. This is a very substantial sink that resists scratches, is one hundred percent rust proof, non-porous and pretty much chip-resistant. The fireclay farmhouse sink also has a glossy appearance which is desired by many. For those desiring a white farm sink, the white fireclay would be a good choice of material.

After all, nothing looks worse than a chip right in the middle of a glossy white sink. Since the fireclay sink is relatively chip and scratch resistant, normal cleaning of the sink should keep your sink looking great for years and years. For a special look, you can even get patterns on the apron front of your fireclay sink. An image of a perky daisy embossed on your apron front will really make your sink extra special and one-of-a-kind.


First and foremost, stainless steel farm sinks are the most economical of all of the various materials used in making a farmhouse sink. The stainless steel farm sink is also a favorite of many because it is cleaner and easy to sterilize and is resistant to high heat temperatures. Unlike some other materials, the stainless steel sink will not stain or chip and even possesses a type of sound deadening quality. It is even said to be easier on dish drops. If you are doing a kitchen remodel, it is important to note that the stainless steel farm sink is easy to install on most kitchen cabinets. A new feature available on some models gives you the option to get different colored fronts to change the look of your apron. Sleek and shiny is a look that especially coordinates with stainless steel appliances, the most popular choice for appliances today.


Granite is the most expensive choice in farmhouse sinks. As far as the apron on the sink, they can be quite luxurious. You can choose a beautiful polished front sink that is smooth on the inside and outside. A really impressive look is the chiseled front granite farmhouse sink. Whichever style you choose, you can be sure that it will be a truly unique and stunning kitchen farm sink. With a granite sink, you don’t have to worry about putting an extra large pot, fresh off the stove, into your sink. Granite is chip resistant and heat resistant. You will, in order to make your sink stain resistant, either have the installer or yourself, seal the granite properly. Sealed properly, you have a super tough sink that will be a snap to maintain.

As mentioned, natural granite does come with a pretty hefty price tag. You can, however, get the same beautiful look at a more reasonable price if you choose a granite composite sink. The granite composite sink is made with 95% granite and 5% acrylic resin. Formed under high pressure, they are hygienic, non-porous and resistant to heat, stains, chips and scratches. Unlike the higher priced granite, in order to keep these wonderful qualities you do NOT need to seal the sink. The granite composite farm sink, though very strong, is kinder to your dishes too.

A cup dropped in a granite sink will most probably break. However, with a granite composite sink, there is a very good chance that your cup will be perfectly fine. Another benefit of the granite composite farm sink is that it is much quieter in terms of noise made with items being washed in the sink.

As far as installation of any type farmhouse sink: you can either use an undermount or the pulled forward style. The undermount sits on supports inside the cabinet, thus allowing the countertop to extend over the sink on three sides. The pulled forward installation situates the apron front coming forward a few inches.

To sum things up: Right now kitchen farm sinks are the “hot” item in kitchen décor and function. A wider and deeper sink is a great asset for the cook in the family. Not wanting to use that big pot or casserole dish because it’s too big to fit in the sink to wash is a thing of the past. So, whether you have your heart set on an all white kitchen, or enjoy every color of the rainbow: There is a farm kitchen sink out there just waiting for you. Since there are so many choices to fit different kitchen designs and the functionality is fantastic, it seems that this trendy farm kitchen sink is here to stay. There are so many possibilities. Read up on the materials, noting the attributes that are most important to you and your family. Decide on whether an undermount or a pulled forward style is your “cup of tea”. Then comes the fun part: Deciding on a color for the sink and what you want the apron to look like. Get creative, get informed, and get the farm house of your dreams!