Kitchen Search® Teams with The Mordecai Project

It wasn’t the usual day in the Kitchen Search® showroom on October 10th. Lee Grady, the director of The Mordecai Project, was in town for an event and was invited to stop by. The Mordecai Project has been protecting women and girls from violence and abuse worldwide for over 15 years. For some time, Alex Ankudovich, CEO of Kitchen Search®, and his team had been thinking of ways to go beyond day-to-day business operations and begin to give back.

Million Girls Globally Under 18 Forced to Marry
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Women & Girls in Refuge
Nations Being Impacted by The Mordecai Project

This is Why

When Lee arrived, the team asked him to share his plans for the shelters they are building and explain their unordinary approach to educate men to stop violence in the home and protect women.

“This project is making a serious impact on the lives of thousands of women, who might have to continue to endure the violence otherwise,” – stated Lee.

Kitchen Search measures, designs, and delivers kitchens every day, here, in the Greater Philadelphia area. And traditionally, the kitchen is known as the place where a women would cook the family’s favorite meals and have special bonding time together. It is not so when a woman is experiencing abuse. By bringing awareness and supporting The Mordecai Project, Kitchen Search wants to Bring More Smiles to the Kitchen.

And that is how the journey began. While giving their first check, the team expressed its commitment to continue ongoing support for The Mordecai Project.

What Does The Mordecai Project Do?

The Mordecai Project reaches over 18 countries around the world and stands for principles that help re-educate men, women, and communities about how women should be treated, using the principles of The Bible. 

The Mordecai project works by assisting women and girls who are victims of abuse, as well as educating women and girls on what to do if they are ever in a situation of domestic violence. These efforts are helping to confront the violence that is happening against women all over the world.

How You Can Get Involved

If you or your organization would like to be a part of this powerful movement, simply visit The Mordecai Project website here to find out more about how you can be a part of the wonderful things they are doing. Visit

Below are some ways you can help move things forward. 

  • Financial Help – With more donations, The Mordecai Project can build more shelters, educate more people, and further the cause. Contact them through their website to find out more information about specific projects.
  • Awareness – Most of the domestic violence today continues simply because not many people know about it. Not many are talking about it and those suffering abuse are feeling hopeless and stay silent. Bring awareness everywhere you go. Tell your friends and let’s bring smiles back into the kitchen. 
  • Volunteer – The Mordecai Project also accepts volunteers to get directly involved in their mission work and to confront the violence of women head-on. They can only do this when more people and organizations get involved.
  • Prayer – The Mordecai Project believes in the power of prayer. Many women have deep emotional wounds and we see that prayer heals their inner being and restores their self-worth.