How To Hire Kitchen Cabinet Installers In Philadelphia

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Hiring Kitchen Cabinet Installers in Philadelphia Is Easier Than Ever Before

Installing kitchen cabinets may seem like a simple DIY task, but there’s actually a lot involved in the installation process. For this reason, some homeowners are deterred from pursuing DIY projects and instead hire professional kitchen cabinet installers. These highly skilled craftsmen can design and install high-quality kitchen cabinets easily, and this is what makes them largely preferred, not only in Philadelphia but throughout the world! can help you with all your cabinet design and installation needs. Get in touch with our trusted representatives to discuss our current offers!

Kitchen Cabinet Installers Are Highly Skilled

You’ve probably seen DIY kitchen cabinet installations on TV before and thought: “How tough can it be to assemble all those pieces? All you have to do is put new cabinets where the old ones were, right?” There is actually much more to it than that! The assembly of those cabinets can require serious skills and specialized tools. A good contractor will likely be busy for many hours putting the cabinets together, emerging from a heap of sawdust when finished.

Keep in mind that kitchen cabinets are very heavy, and when you put items on the shelves they become even heavier. That means that the kitchen cabinets must be bolted to the studs in the walls, and sometimes even more reinforcement is needed.

In addition, the measurements must be absolutely accurate, and all the cabinets must be plumb and level—a single centimeter out of place with the first cabinet means serious problems when you get to the fourth or fifth one installed. Also, remember that installing kitchen cabinets requires a great deal of effort and strength. You will definitely need more than one person to make it happen, as simply lifting the cabinets can be tough; someone will have to hold them in place while another person fastens them to the wall. Installation of kitchen cabinets is usually not a solitary kind of job, and therefore hiring highly skilled kitchen cabinet installers is all but required.

How to Go About Hiring Kitchen Cabinet Installers

If you’ve decided to hire a professional cabinet installer, start asking friends and colleagues for referrals early in the planning stages. Your kitchen designer may have a short list of recommended firms to offer as well. In addition to asking for bids, interview each installation firm and ask questions like:

  • What’s the size of your crew?
  • How many jobs do you manage simultaneously?
  • What’s your process for working in an occupied residence? Are you insured and properly licensed?
  • Will you employ any subcontractors?

Once a cabinet installer is selected, schedule a meeting between you, your designer and the installer to be sure that everyone is on the same page with regard to the project scope, dates, timelines, and responsibilities.

Getting in Touch With

Don’t forget that you can purchase top-of-the-line custom kitchen cabinets in Philadelphia with help from Browse through our expansive selection of kitchen cabinetry and find what you like! We’ll even set you up with trusted kitchen cabinet installers!

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