Should Cabinets in the Bathroom match the Home Style?

If you are currently considering a bathroom remodel, you might wonder if all of your cabinets in bathroom need to match. The simple solution is that a home’s bathroom cabinets shouldn’t match. To create a united and consistent atmosphere throughout a home, you can however match specific cabinet components, like cabinet design flair, color scheme, surface material, fittings, and backsplashes.


Instead of traditional raised-panel cabinets with decorative ridges that collect dirt and dust, sleek, veneer surface cabinets modernize an outdated bathroom. Putting cleaning aside, a bathroom might look diverse or modern-antique thanks to a tendency toward cabinetry that resembles furniture.

In this guide you’ll learn how to match select components of bathroom vanities to create a consistent and unified feeling in a home.

As a matter of fact, bathroom vanities do not have to match the other vanities in your house, as matching can make your bathroom seem less upscale. However, bathroom vanities should feel consistent with the rest of your home decor. Here are 5 ways to connect your bathroom vanity with your home:

Match Bathroom Vanity Styles

You can unify your bathroom vanities throughout the house by using the same style. If you have a rustic look, buy a variety of bathroom vanities that look the same. The master bath and bedroom should be connected with the same style, even though you don’t have to use the same style throughout your entire house.

It may also be a good idea to extend a certain style throughout a specified area of a floor. It is important to keep in mind, though, that style doesn’t have to be rigid, even within one room. It is possible to mix elements from different eras in a bathroom, if they have something in common, like texture, color, or shape.

The bathroom vanity should be in some way related to the sinks, faucets, showers, and lighting, but they don’t necessarily have to be the same style.


Match Bathroom Vanity Color Palettes

Using the same color palette in the bathroom vanity as in the adjacent room or hallway can enhance flow and cohesiveness, as long as you keep the home’s overall style in mind. A single color from the “outside” can be incorporated into the bathroom vanity, then variations can be introduced through the bathroom or along the vanity countertop.

Slate gray carpet in the hallway might be complemented by a slate gray quartz countertop on a white vanity. The backsplash could be made in a lighter gray tile.

Matching Small Bathroom Vanities

It is important to take into account the size and design of your bathroom; if your bathroom sits next to your kitchen, and if the cabinetry in the kitchen is dark, then you might find yourself in a little bit of a bind. It won’t make sense to bring that dark color into the bathroom, as it will make it feel smaller. Instead, think of other ways to divide the bathroom from the kitchen.

Whenever possible, avoid dark colors in small bathrooms. Small bathrooms, more than any other small room, should be light colored. Otherwise, they will feel stuffy. You could, instead, connect your kitchen and bathroom backsplashes by using the same size and pattern of tiles. Or maybe the hardware on cabinets in bathroom could be similar.


Match Bathroom Vanity Countertop Materials

In a bathroom with two vanities, vanity countertops do not need to match. However, you may wish to choose complementary vanity countertop materials in the same color and with similar cabinetry. Even if the bathroom is adjacent to the kitchen, a kitchen countertop does not have to be constructed of the same material as the bathroom vanity. It is important, however, that the materials complement each other.


Match Bathroom Vanity Fixtures

Vanity fixtures, including sinks and faucets, do not have to match, but they can convey a subtle message of unity throughout the house if they do. As long as the vanities feel related in some way, they can be paired with complementary fixtures with different finishes.


Match Bathroom Vanity Backsplashes

The vanity backsplash elements in each bathroom can be similar, creating a subtle sense of unification.

In every bathroom vanity—or at least on each vanity on the same floor—you may want to incorporate an interesting backsplash material. In a minimalist styled home, the two bathrooms on one floor might be equipped with a mirrored backsplash, rather than tiles or granite.

Similarly, a mirrored backsplash in a master bathroom could complement the bedroom’s mirror. Matching bathroom cabinet elements to other cabinets in bathroom or kitchen cabinets and countertops can enhance the elegant look of your home. Make sure that your bathrooms harmonize with one another and with the rest of your home by using countertops, fixtures, backsplashes, and other cabinet elements.

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