What You Should Know Before Installing Small Kitchen Cabinets


Cabinet installation is one of the easiest DIY tasks that a human being can complete nowadays, but there are some specific points one must acknowledge during the design and installation processes to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch. If you’re installing small kitchen cabinets, for example, there are a few things you should be aware of, and in the following sections we answer some of the common questions that have to do with small kitchen cabinets, their design, installation, cost etc.

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1. What should I know before purchasing small kitchen cabinets online?

When you order preassembled small cabinets online, delivery day is important. Begin by inspecting the preassembled cabinets; check each piece and make sure you have all necessary pieces, including cabinet boxes, shelves, doors, and drawer fronts. Check for damage from shipping. Make sure that extra trim and filler strips are included in the delivery. Assemble the cabinets, but don’t attach the cabinet hardware, doors, or drawer fronts before mounting to the wall.

2. Are preassembled small cabinets best?

Online cabinet manufacturers often send homeowners preassembled cabinets or ready-to-assemble cabinets (RTA), and these cabinets can be installed right on the walls shortly after they’re unpacked. Most RTA cabinet installations take between 10 and 20 minutes. A main appeal of preassembled cabinets is that they leave out the guesswork and expertise that’s needed to construct a cabinet. Also, preassembled cabinets are more affordable when you consider that you won’t have to spend on a professional cabinetry designer.

3. Is small Candlelight cabinetry a good option for small spaces?

If you like euro-overlay frames, then you’ll love small Candlelight cabinetry. Euro-overlay frames make it seem like the cabinet is frameless, yet they do this in a masterful way that highlights the integrity of the cabinet’s design. And when you choose to purchase small Candlelight cabinetry, you’ll have access to expansive color and style selections. We can customize your Candlelight cabinets so they’re just the way you like. Candlelight cabinets have been a standard in the cabinetmaking industry for years, and we’re proud to have worked with this brand in the past!

4. Can a DIYer install small cabinets quickly and easily?

Kitchen cabinet installations no longer require the professional skills and experience that only carpenters possess, for today it’s quite easy for a DIY cabinet installation to take place. All you need is the right tools, materials, and references. The best guides can be found with a quick Google search. And don’t forget: If you’re looking for kitchen cabinets for sale in King Of Prussia, visit us here at Kitchensearch.com!

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