Which Wooden Kitchen Cabinet Types Are Best?

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Wooden cabinets, with their distinct character and unique features, are appealing to a wide variety of homeowners. While some prefer engineered materials like thermal foil or laminate, there are others who love the natural look that only wood can so perfectly boast. And with a variety of types and colors to choose from, using real wood for kitchen cabinets has never been more appealing.

Below are answers to some commonly asked questions about the popular wooden kitchen cabinet types. And if you’re a New Jersey resident who is looking for kitchen cabinets for sale in Princeton, visit our online store now!

Question One: What’s appealing about walnut wood?

Walnut is a hardwood, one that has a bold grain and a color variation of creamy-white and dark brown. Because of the color, walnut wood can be used in a variety of settings, from classic to modern and all in between. Modern walnut is considered high-end wood because it’s not usually as readily available as other wood types. It’s true, however, that walnut wood is easier to work with than other woods. To emphasize walnut’s true beauty, one must use it in their cabinets. The light finish and natural color variations are great for creating a consistent and classic look

Question Two: Why do homeowners love rift oak?

Rift oak, another hardwood, has distinctive linear grain, making it ideal for both vertical and horizontal applications. Rift oak’s color variation contains beige and creamy tan, two colors that help bring out its distinct natural features. The grain and consistency make rift oak a popular choice for homeowners, and it’s great for both traditional and contemporary living spaces. It should accommodate door styles, finishes, and surrounding design elements as well. Lastly, it can be finished so that its natural beauty and linear grain are allowed to shine.

Question Three: Why are maple kitchen cabinets popular?

Maple is another popular hardwood, one that’s usually cream-colored and boasting of a fine and smooth grain. Maple is ideal in traditional, transitional, and contemporary settings, and it can be used in modern homes as well to accentuate a space. When using maple, you must make sure it accommodates door styles, finishes, and surrounding design elements. Maple is readily available and working with it is easy. Because it has a fine grain, maple can be stained or painted to achieve beautiful results. It also goes great with tile!

Question Four: Is clear alder worth the investment?

Clear alder is a softwood, one that’s moderately fine and featuring a uniform grain. Colors for clear alder range from light tan to reddish brown. It looks a lot like cherry wood, but it’s softer than this wood and more useful if you’re trying to produce distressed or antique finish. Clear alder is also different from cherry in that it gets lighter with age and exposure to the sunlight. Clear alder is great in traditional and contemporary settings, and this is why it’s a go-to for those who want to create a distressed farmhouse look. It’s commonly used and readily available in the West. It’s less expensive when compared to cherry.

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