White Kitchen Cabinets in Philadelphia

Kitchens are becoming the heart and soul of modern homes, whether large or small. It’s a place where people gather right after work for a quick bite and also spend time in the evening catching up on what’s been happening during the day. Every homeowner has a different set of needs when it comes to kitchen design. Even though the kitchen is usually the first room of the house to be planned for, it’s the style, colors, appliances, and finishes that get the most attention.

Kitchen cabinets color is one of the first decisions you should make. You have many options, so think about the style and mood you want to create. Do you prefer quirky, eclectic styles, or something old-fashioned, quaint, and cozy? Are you going for a cool, contemporary style, or are you a traditionalist?

White kitchen cabinets in Philadelphia are becoming increasingly popular nowadays, so think about adding them if you want to achieve an elegant contemporary look.

Create Timeless Design

As we mentioned above, it’s time to move on from the heavy colors used in the kitchen cabinets. White kitchen and cabinets have a simplicity and a clean design, which makes them immune to trends. If your kitchen is timeless, you won’t feel the need to update it again in a few years.

Plus, white kitchens have a long history—they’ve been around since at least the 1920s and 1930s. You can still find vintage white enamel tables at antique stores which is evidence of their popularity and longevity. Thanks to their timeless color, they’d fit right in with even the most modern homes.

It cannot be overstated how important it is to find the right kitchen cabinetry color, but that doesn’t mean there are no other factors that need to be taken into an account. Here are some equally important aspects to consider when planning a kitchen redesign.

Determine Positioning of Kitchen Cabinets

After choosing a cabinetry color, you must determine how your cabinets will be positioned. Open floor plans have become a common trend, and your cabinet placement will reflect whether you decide to adopt this design or stick to a more traditional style. In a more traditional way, cabinets may be used both above and below the kitchen counter to separate the kitchen from the living room or dining room. In modern kitchens, cabinets may also be placed on an island, allowing for an open floor plan.

Leave an Adequate Amount of Space

The kitchen needs enough space between islands, countertops, and any other tables since it is used for more than just preparing meals. Lack of circulation space makes a kitchen feel cramped and reduces the number of people who can comfortably use it at once. In addition, it can be difficult to access appliances like dishwasher and fridge if there is insufficient space.

It is recommended that you leave 36”,40” or 42” of space between your furniture and the kitchen appliances to allow for easy movement.

Plan Kitchen Functionality

The kitchen is a place where you prepare and cook meals. Proper kitchen functionality is essential.

In the planning stages, carefully consider how you are going to use your kitchen. In order to increase functionality, we suggest adding spice and oil storage near the cooking zone, as well as cutlery and dish storage near the dishwasher. You’ll find many types of solutions on the market, including wide drawers, organizers, and tailored inserts that facilitate high-functioning space.

Measure the Space for Appliances

The design of your kitchen should incorporate appliances, so they do not end up taking up precious counter space. Make sure to measure the space that is needed for your microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, and other appliances, so you can design custom nooks specifically for them.

It’s also crucial to consider the clearance space needed to open appliance doors and to make sure they do not obstruct circulation. Select appliances well in advance, checking the dimensions and the way they open to ensure that your kitchen layout can accommodate them. This also applies to pots and pans.

Establish Correct Lighting.

One of the most important aspects in modern kitchen redesigns is lighting but since we are so engrossed in décor, colors, styles, and appliances, we tend to overlook its importance. Nevertheless, lighting is a fundamental aspect of any room.

The lack of adequate lighting in the kitchen can make working there inconvenient as well as dangerous. Consider placing an even layer of recessed lighting in conjunction with well-placed task lights, such as pendants, in order to create a pleasing and safe kitchen environment.

Think of reducing your reliance on artificial lighting during the daytime by installing glass doors and corner windows. Remember, it’s always sunny in Philadelphia.

Think About a Kitchen Island

The island is an essential element in a kitchen design that usually sits in the middle. It offers a lot of functionality for food preparation and serving. When it’s time to redesign and remodel your kitchen, you should pay attention to choosing the right island because it can make all the difference.

Since the popularity of white kitchen cabinets in Philadelphia is growing rapidly, consider adding them along with the kitchen island. Besides giving your kitchen an elegant upscale look, it will also allow you to have more color options for the island. Whether you decide on a white or pastel island to achieve a chrome kitchen design layout or choose a bright color to make it the centerpiece of the entire room, remember, everything goes well with white.

Don’t Forget to Use the Wall Space

In order to maximize kitchen space, we recommend extending the cabinets over the counters all the way to the ceiling. However, wall-mounted cabinets are only one way to maximize kitchen wall space. As far as shelving goes, there are countless options, including slim floating shelves, pegboard walls, chalkboard sections, hooks, and racks for hanging pots and pans.

When creating your kitchen design, it’s important to think about even the smallest details, and having professional by your side may be your best shot at getting unique look you want. KitchenSearch.com will help you select design, style, look and feel for your kitchen redesign that you and your family will cherish for many years to come.

We offer a wide range of kitchen cabinets for any needs and budget. Whether you aim for more traditional look with oak cabinets and granite countertops or want to achieve a slick modern layout by adding white kitchen cabinets Philadelphia, we will provide you with the inspiration you need to create a scheme that fits your home’s period, your decorating style, and the room’s proportions. Call us at 215.253.5800 or request a quote online to get one step closer to your dream kitchen.