Taylor Grey Kitchen cabinet

Taylor Grey


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• All wood construction
• 3/4″ Solid Wood Face Frame
• 1/2″ Plywood Slides
• 3/4” Plywood Shelves


• Solid Wood
• Dovetailed Joints
• Full Extension Undermount Glides
• Soft Close


• Wood Door Frame
• Wood Center panel
• Soft Close Hinges

*RTA – Ready to Assemble. Also Available Un-Assembled. This cabinet style uses the metal L-bracket interlocking mechanism. Wood glue and a screwdriver are needed for assembly.

About Taylor Grey Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Classy dark brown shaker that can be paired with traditional, contemporary, or modern decor.

Most people think of Grey as an unassuming color. Not so with the Taylor Gray Shaker cabinets. These classy-looking shakers can be paired with any kind of decor and they feature a beautiful Midtown gray color that is bold and beautiful. Real estate investors will want to look into these if you have condo units or other applications where they would work. Tell us about your properties and we can suggest creative ways to use these handsome cabinets.

This style is unique also because it uses Eucalyptus wood. Eucalyptus wood is a unique textured wood that features a wire brush finish. This produces a dramatic look for any home no matter where you put them. It has a large molding in the door panel and the style can be implemented with either traditional or modern designs. These cabinets stand out for the beautiful brushed finish and they are stunning and compatible with either warm or cool tones. No matter what furniture you put in later, it will go nicely with it. Compatible with either cool or warm colors, this style is perfect for either modern or traditional style furnishings.

This clean, stunning shaker style is easily compatible with warm and cool tones, giving flexibility and variety to dress up the kitchen.

The flexibility and variety that you have when you order one of these cabinets is hard to beat. Check out the gorgeous cabinet selection and look at the gallery for ideas on how you might use them in your home. The sky’s the limit and we aim to please when we deal with customers directly. So visit our showroom and look at the gallery to learn more about this bold and beautiful look. Then call us when you’re ready to have your free consultation. Call 215-253-5800 to learn more.

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