Solid Wood Cabinets Philadelphia

White kitchen furniture is not as popular as it used to be in recent years. Today, many people are moving toward more natural materials. And one of the most significant components of kitchen design is kitchen cabinets. As long as the design ideas of the cabinets complement the living space and dining room, especially if it is an open-concept floor plan, you have the freedom to make the upper and lower cabinets different colors, and the custom solid wood cabinets Philadelphia seem to be something entirely unique. Alternatively, you can paint the upper cabinets a different color and use white base cabinets and wood lower cabinets.

Our recommendation is to install cabinets rather than open shelving, as cabinets give the kitchen a much more put-together appearance and keep the area from feeling cluttered or unorganized. In addition, there will be fewer problems with dust in your kitchen.

Here are some of the biggest reasons why you should choose wood cabinets for your kitchen.

Durability First

Solid wood cabinets are extremely durable and real wood cabinets can last a lifetime. High quality woods, like oak for instance, last for years and provide your kitchen furniture with incredible strength.

Natural Beauty

The warmth and character of natural wood are unmatched for floors, cabinets, and furniture. You are bringing a bit of nature into your house that doesn’t look artificial or manufactured. Real wood cabinets are also customizable, so you can paint or stain them to fit your style.

Easy Maintenance

If solid wood cabinets suffer damage over time, it’s very simple to sand and refinish them. Keeping your solid wood cabinets clean and polishing them carefully will keep them looking beautiful for a long time. Wood is a renewable material that creates no stress on the environment, unlike some cheaper or trendy materials.

High-quality wood cabinets typically keep their value over time. You can benefit greatly from this if you decide to sell your home in the future.

Shortcomings of Solid Wood Cabinets

Naturally, a more durable, natural, and beautiful material is much more expensive than its artificial alternatives, like laminate, MDF, and some others. A high price always pays off with a long service life of solid wood cabinets in Philadelphia.

As a natural material, wood absorbs moisture from the environment and swells when exposed to water over a prolonged period of time. This is a reason to be careful and not let the water drip down the front of your solid wood cabinets.

As a natural material, wood is very sensitive to Pennsylvania environmental conditions. If a wood cabinet has been exposed to high temperature changes, it may crack or warp over time. Wood can also shrink and crack when temperatures get very low. Before buying a wood cabinet, make sure that your ventilation is running properly, and the space is warmed up enough, so your new furniture remains beautiful for a long time.

Types Of Solid Wood Cabinets

Cherry. Wood cabinets made of cherry are one of the most expensive. They have a uniform grain that provides timeless durability and beauty. Cherry wood kitchen cabinets are extremely popular.

Ebony. If you want your kitchen to become stunningly beautiful and different, ebony wood kitchen cabinets are perfect. You can create a sophisticated and dramatic look for your kitchen by choosing a dark black color. In addition, ebony wood doesn’t show scratches and stains. Like any other material, black kitchens have their disadvantages. They gather a lot of dust and require frequent cleaning.

Maple. These wood cabinets have a pale color. They are easy to paint and very strong. They have a lower weight than cherry cabinets and a smoother surface. A soft grain, with waves and bird’s-eye patterns, complements traditional and modern architectural styles.

Walnut. Walnut wood cabinets come in a variety of natural colors, from dark brown to light yellow. The walnut solid wood cabinets in Philadelphia are easy to finish and have a rich color, as well as being very dense and durable. Walnut is less affected by water.

Specifics for Selecting a Backsplash

Our design pros recommend choosing a backsplash color that contrasts with your wood cabinets. The most common types of backsplash materials for luxury homes include marble, granite, quartz, quartzite, shiplap, brick/ brick tile, glass tile, and ceramic tile.

Make sure that the material you choose coordinates with your kitchen design. If you are designing a modern kitchen, a white shiplap backsplash may not be a good fit.

Matching Cabinetry and Flooring

Wood floors and wood cabinets go well together, and you have a variety of options to choose from. In order to achieve a monochromatic look, the floor and cabinetry can match. This will work whether the wood is dark, light, distressed, or rustic. It is also possible to make the wood cabinets a very different color from the hardwood floors in your kitchen to complement each other. Alternatively, you could go just a shade or two darker with your solid wood cabinets Philadelphia, creating a sense of contrast without being too dramatic. Then you could make the counters or the backsplash the real source of color contrast.

If you are struggling with getting started, or you have a list and are ready to talk style and material, contact Kitchen Search today and see how we can help you! Our well-trained sales staff can help you with everything from measuring to ordering of your solid wood cabinets Philadelphia. Get in touch with us at 215-253-5800 and see how we can satisfy your unique needs and preferences!