Riga 30 Inch Vanity


Riga 30 Inch Vanity KS-V8022-30-01
FEATURES Industrial Design Multi Finishes Metal Frame Bold Look Design with an Open Shelf Simple Design with Functionality Drawer Organizer Water Proof Polyvinyl Chloride Board plus 5 layers paint Full Extension Drawers Easy Installation Compatible Sinks DIMENSIONS Vanity: 29-1/4″ W x 17-3/4″ D x 32-11/16″ H Acrylic Top-Mount Basin: 29-1/2″ W x 18-1/8″ D x 2-1/2″ H LED Mirror: 30″ W x 1-3/4″ D x 36″ H *RECOMMENDED Acrylic Top-Mount Basin: KS-A10-3018-25 LED Mirror: KS-LED-M2-3036 OPTIONAL Ceramic Top-Mount Basin: KS-C04-3018 / KS-C04-3018-TH LED Medicine Cabinet: KS-MCL1-2432L / KS-MCL1-2432R / KS-MCL1-3032 / KS-MCL2-2432L / KS-MCL2-2432R / KS-MCL2-3032 LED Mirror: KS-LED-M1-2432 / KS-LED-M1-3032 / KS-LED-M2-2436 / KS-LED-M3-R24 / KS-LED-M3-R32 / KS-LED-M4-2436-BG / KS-LED-M4-2436-MB / KS-LED-M4-3036-BG / KS-LED-M4-3036-MB Medicine Cabinet: KS-MC7-2526 / KS-MC7-3026 Mirror: KS-M6001-30-01 SPEC AND INSTALLATION GUIDE Riga Collection Instructions
$1243.24 In stock
Style:Flat Panel
Product Type:Vanity
Recommended:160796401, 160744200
Included in the Price Vanity Only (0)
Color Glossy White (0) Metal Grey (0)
RECOMMENDED* Acrylic Top-Mount Basin 30x18 (0) Beta 30 Inch LED Mirror Frosted Sides (0)
Riga 30 Inch Vanity Riga 30 Inch Vanity Riga 30 Inch Vanity Riga 30 Inch Vanity Riga 30 Inch Vanity