What To Know About Bathroom Cabinet Refinishing In Philadelphia


Here’s What You Must Know Before Pursuing Bathroom Cabinet Refinishing

Installing and designing bathroom cabinets is widely thought to be a simple DIY task, but it’s actually better to get professional help. And when it comes to bathroom cabinet refinishing, it’s advisable to work with experts as these highly skilled craftsmen know the ins and outs of refinishing and they can help you execute a first-rate project for an affordable price.

Best of all, hiring a helpful cabinet service is easy with the internet. With a quick Google search you can find a host of reliable teams. Or, of course, you could elect to work with Kitchensearch.com whenever you need high-quality bathroom kitchen cabinet refinishing advice. We also work with designers and installers to ensure all our customers get the bathroom cabinets they need.

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The Ins and Outs of Bathroom Cabinet Refinishing

Here’s what you must do in order to pursue bathroom cabinet refinishing on your own:

  • Strip away old finish
  • Sand
  • Condition
  • Apply new finish
  • Apply protective coats

These are the phases you’ll go through, but in between there’s waiting time for drying and lots and lots of sanding. With a project like this, if you have the tools on hand, the primary expenses are the finish remover, stain, and varnish. But the true cost is the investment of your time. You can’t rush a job like this if you want to get professional-grade results. What’s nice about refinishing your bathroom cabinets is that, unlike other DIY home improvement projects, you can do it in stages. If you’re new to DIY projects, you may want to refinish your cabinet doors one at a time so you don’t dismantle your bathroom and then get discouraged if it takes longer than you thought!

How Professionals Make the Refinishing Process a Breeze

Don’t waste time and money on unreliable cabinet refinishers that don’t take your business seriously. Refinishing custom bathroom cabinets is the love of many talented craftsmen out there, and we here at Kitchensearch.com are proud to say we employ some of the best of these artists. When you work with us, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting best-in-class service for a cost-effective rate.

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