What Are A Few Common Questions Cabinet Installers Have

Kitchen with Alaska White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to installing kitchen cabinets, first-time installers, otherwise known as DIY cabinet installers, particularly have a lot of questions. To ensure that they know the DIY method is actually more beneficial than hiring a professional contractor, they do their research and make sure they have all the proper materials and tools before they begin the cabinet-installation process.

In the sections below, we’re going to look at a few of the commonly asked questions regarding cabinet installations, and we’re specifically going to focus on those which pertain to DIY installation.

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Question 1: Is DIY cabinet installation better than professional installation?

Although the answer to this question largely depends on one’s preferences, DIY cabinet installation is preferred as it saves money and allows one to feel the sense of accomplishment that comes with installing cabinets alone. Since you’re the one who’s installing the cabinets, you’ll pay specific attention to the details and requirements that are needed to ensure the installation is a success. Professional help is definitely better for those who have a larger budget; professionals bring skill set and experience to the job. However, one can say that doing a project alone, regardless of skill level, is a surefire way of achieving a better product; of course some baseline skills would be necessary in this instance.

Question 2: Are pre-assembled cabinets better for DIY installation?

Pre-assembled cabinets are definitely better for DIY installations as they don’t require a lot of skill and expertise, particularly on the carpentry end, to install. Of course to install these cabinets correctly, you’ll need to take precise measurements. But if you’re shopping with us and looking for kitchen cabinets for sale in Philadelphia, we’ll be sure to guide you step by step through the process

Question 3: How do I know which customizations I need for my cabinets?

Before you order any cabinets online, you need to first take accurate measurements of the space where you intend to place the cabinets; you’ll also need to make sure this area is level as failing to do so can have disastrous consequences later on. Once you have your measurements down, you can decide on your customizations, including wood color, grain type, and finish. Get in touch with us if you have more questions about customization as this is what we specialize in!

Question 4: Where can I get premium cabinets online?

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